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Your Donations Impact

Learn all of the ways your donation supports the sport industry, service projects, mission trips, and education.

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This page is under construction. Check back soon for more information!

To learn more in the meantime, visit us at Uncommon Sports Group! 

Your donation helps us provide a wide variety of support to the sport industry each year. Here's how:

  • Four 8-week USG Academy Classes

  • $30,000 in Scholarships

  • Hosting of the CWS Conference

  • Professional Development Funding

  • Multiple Domestic Service Projects

  • Gameball Awards

  • Hosted Training and Networking Events

  • An International Missions Trip

  • Sponsored Conferences and Events

  • Equipment Manager Book Studies

  • NBA Laundry Events

  • Community Bible Studies

Visit the USG Website for more information on the USG Academy, our ministries, service work, and network.

If you have questions about our Clean Out for a Cause Program, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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