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Donation FAQs

If the below information doesn't answer some of your questions, please contact us. We'd be more than happy to address any of your inquiries or concerns.

Clean Out for a Cause© keeps things simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of donations do you accept?
    All items, in all sizes, in all conditions. Please do not ever worry about offending us by what you include in your donation. We are continuously amazed at the impact these donations can have through USG. Our most common donations are used/excess apparel and footwear. This typically includes shirts, polos, travel suits, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, shoes, socks, hats, cleats, gloves, etc. We do not currently take football shoulder pads or helmets.
  • Who may donate?
    We are of course happy to accept donations from anyone. Our most common Clean Out For A Cause® supporters are Equipment Directors and Coaches throughout college and professional sports.
  • How does Clean Out For A Cause® help clean out my used/excess gear?
    Clean Out for a Cause® strives to make the Clean Out process as easy and simple as possible. We are happy to send you our donation collection boxes, prepaid Fedex shipping labels, and anything else you may need!
  • What size of donations do you accept?
    All sizes. We receive donations of 1 item, all the way up to pallets and truck loads.
  • Do NCAA teams need approval from Compliance?
    We encourage each Equipment Director, Coach, or Team to check if there are any special policies at their University. We have found the 2 biggest NCAA Compliance related items are: 1) Making sure Clean Out For a Cause® does not benefit any potential student-athletes. We do not. 2) Making sure Clean Out For a Cause® is a verified 501c3 nonprofit. We are. We are of course very happy to help with any special questions or requests!
  • How do you maximize the impact of the donations?
    Clean Out For A Cause's® promise is to maximize the impact of your donation. We maximizes the impact of the items by maximizing their value. We have an ecommerce operation that allows us to sell donations online, and collect 100% of the sales price of the item. The listings of these items also make it clear that the item being sold was a donation, and 100% of the proceeds support Uncommon Sports Group. The items we are not able to sell are brought on our mission trips to use for our sports camps overseas each summer.
  • Do I have to send it in a Clean Out For A Cause Box®?
    No. Donations can be sent in any box, at any time. We can mail you a shipping label to put on the box!
  • When are the best times to donate?
    We are processing Clean Out For A Cause® donations year round. The most common donation times for our supporters seem to be: At the beginning, or end of their season. When transitioning from one team to another, and no longer in need of the previous teams gear. When switching vendors, and no longer in need of the previous brands gear. When cleaning out everything left over after a surplus sale.

If Clean Out for a Cause sounds like a good fit for your needs, and you are interested in supporting the work of Uncommon Sports Group, please click the button above to request your FREE boxes and labels today.

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