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About Clean Out For A Cause®

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The Clean Out for a Cause® Story

What started as one Equipment Managers efforts to fund his first ever mission trip in 2012, and then led to a class project, has now turned into over a quarter million pounds of donations from hundreds of collegiate and pro sports teams throughout the country.


USG Founder, Drew Boe was fortunate to have already worked for a couple different professional (AZ Cardinals, SD Chargers) and collegiate (U. of MN, VA Tech) teams when he was in need of a way to pay for his first ever mission trip to Rwanda. Drew, then working as an Equipment GA at Virginia Tech, also started realizing just how much team issued gear he had accumulated from each of his previous stops.


It was at this time that the idea of Clean Out For A Cause(r) was born. Drew was able to transform the team-issued gear he had accumulated into over $2,000, and ultimately enough to make his first ever mission trip possible.


Upon return from his life changing experience in Rwanda, Drew began discerning how he could utilize that "Clean Out For A Cause" idea to ultimately fund the vision the Lord gave him for what was first known as "Managers On A Mission" (now Uncommon Sports Group).


As this vision continued to materialize, Drew eventually reached out to his former employers in Coach Tubby Smith, Coach Frank Beamer, and Equipment Manager friends from throughout the country. All of them were quick to support his efforts, and Drew and the USG staff have been trying to keep up with the Lord ever since.


What had started as a few hundred pounds of donations being sent to Drew's parents' place and stored in their garage, quickly grew into nearly 100,000 pounds of donations within the first 5 years, leading Drew to step away from his Equipment Manager role with Auburn University Football and pursue this endeavor full time. The Clean Out For A Cause program quickly graduated into its own 10,000 sq ft warehouse/office space in Minneapolis known by many throughout the college and pro sports industry as "The World's Equipment Room".

If you have further questions about who we are or what we do, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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