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  • Josh Meyer

The Carpenter - Week 4 (Chapter 9-12)

This week we learned about Michael's continued struggle in his current challenge and the Carpenter's message about attitude, believing, talking to yourself and realigning on our purpose when things go differently than planned.

A person that can focus on their attitude and making sure it is of a positive nature can bring a lot to a team. Positivity produces results and Jon adds that "What you think, you will become." (p. 53)

Michael and the carpenter begin to have a discussion about his beliefs and how having the right belief system in place will lead him to be more successful.

We also had a great discussion about listening vs. talking to yourself. Many of us have used this in other aspects of life that are more apparent (coaching, being an athlete, etc.) but need to apply this frame of thought to our everyday life. We can be much more proactive about our day to day life and making it better by telling ourselves we can do it vs. listening to the negative thoughts about our tough day ahead.

We are challenging ourselves to focus on one phrases of the positive pledge for the week. It is a great tool that Michael was giving by the carpenter.

Michael starts to gain perspective of his situation right when he is hit with another obstacle. Through this challenge to his new perspective on life Michael is realizing his purpose is greater than the challenges he faces from day to day.

Here is a recording to this week's book study: (Passcode: n1BNCsg*)

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