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  • Josh Meyer

The Carpenter - Week 3 (Chapter 5-8)

Jalen Stone lead a great study today. Lots of great participation and fellowship with one another.

We were able to identify stress in and out of the equipment room while discussing how to handle it.

Lots of discussion on what a "Masterpiece" looks like to all of us and how it evolves with time with an emphasis of God, Family and Work to arrange our "Masterpiece."

A great takeaway from Chapter 7 was knowing the difference between a Craftsman and Carpenter. Be a Craftsman and be concerned with who you are becoming in the the process.

Also know that the ambition and knowledge to be a Craftsman vs. a Carpenter is what can set people apart. Set yourself apart and take care of the details in life as a whole. Be a Craftsman!

Best quote from today: "Save Some for Home"

Link to today's video:

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