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  • James Morrison

Under Our Skin Book Study Week #2 Notes


1. New website will be launched next week! In this you'll be able to find the recordings of each meeting and notes from it to use for yourself or share to others. I'll send the link in a separate email next week.

2. Still no date solidified but we will be having Ben Watson on a call one of these Monday's soon! Very excited and will continue to keep you all posted there.

3. We have already been discussing options for a new book after we complete this one but we plan to continue this on after and will be sending out a new book in the near future once we decide.

Summary of Chapters 3&4 with Discussion:

Chapter 3 - Embarrassed:

  • Ben's amount of embarrassment of violence and the comparison that it has with Selma and Ferguson

  • Embarrassed about the message that the media on TV and social media consistently delivers and how it miscommunicates past, current, and future tensions.

  • Wants us to be aware of our views/goggles and making sure they are more than just "my view." Is this a human view or a Godly view?

  • Pages 59-63 really represent this well and summarize the topics of the chapter. 

  • In our groups we discussed How good it feels to be off social media and distant ourselves from the news at times.

  • In my group people share the ways they have gotten involved in their communities by helping the current injustice issues.

  • One has gone as far as bringing local politicians to their campus and speaking to students about future plans they have in place in Pennsylvania.

Chapter 4 - Frustrated:

  • Ben voices frustration towards hip-hop and how it talks about violence and it having an influence on people. 

  • A topic that was discussed is if we know hip hop talks about things that are derogatory and influences violence... why do people continue to listen?

  • We spoke about other genres of music as well.

  • Ben believes music, social media and TV have a strong negative influence on racial injustice, sexual immorality, gender discrimination, domestic abuse, and etc...

  • Ben asks us to look at these problems from a "us" and a "we" point of view. We need to eliminate the "I", "my", "mine."

  • Social injustice is an "us" (humanity) problem. Until we view it as such progress we will be stunted. 

  • Living our lives with a high moral value. A holiness.

  • We discussed the hiring process and how to make it more diverse and be intentional in our conversations

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