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  • James Morrison

Under Our Skin Book Study Week #1 Notes


1. In the coming week or two, we will be launching our new website designated for Clean Out For A Cause. On this site we will be posting the recording of each book study meeting with the notes for you to have and share with others. The idea is as we continue to grow for this to be used as a resource page for all equipment managers and student managers across the country to have at all times.

2. Really hoping to get Ben Watson on a call with us one of these Monday's. We have been in communication with his assistant. Something to be praying about!

Summary of Chapters 1 & 2 with Discussion:

Chapter 1 - Angry:

  •  Ben shares stories about his grandpa, Pop Pop, and the positive influence he had on his life and the lessons he taught him. Ben develops an echo of Pop Pop's lessons being 1. Make the most of what you have. 2. Be proud of who you are. 3. Don't let the obstacles and injustice and unfairness limity you. Overcome them! 

  • Pop Pop continuously shared this advice with Ben but would always tell him "when you're black, there's always a ceiling."

  • A lot of Ben's anger stimulates from it being 150 years since the abolition of slavery but still it clearly being a segrated country.

  • there are 6 times as many black people incarcerated as white people.

  • more than 8 in 10 church congregations are of one predominant racial group.

  • The education system in inner city communities is considered a "poverty problem," a "money problem," or a "ghetto problem," and that any effort to change the status quo would disadvantage people who are wealthier. 

  • Ben references the story in Ferguson, Missouri of a white police officer in Darren Wilson shooting a black man named Michael Brown to bring light on it being a "both/and problem. Of seeing two sides to the issues and looking inside of ourselves and realizing we are all guilty. Not pointing fingers towards a specific race but looking inside of our own hearts.

  • Ben speaks about his wife and kids and how that has played a huge significance on his current values and priorities and recognizing the change those events have on an individual.

  • We read pages 16-17 together.

Chapter 2 - Introspective:

  • Ben talks about the Charleston church shooting by Dylann Roof killing 9 innocent people during a bible study

  • Ben says after explaining the shooting "the problem of racism isn't Dylann Roof, not the KKK, not white supremacy groups, it's not the guy over there... the problem is inside of me and suggests it's inside of you as well."

  • Ben references his first friend who was white named Bert. Bert was into hunting, fishing, and being outside. Ben was into sports and fixing cars. He saw the differences and maintained friends

  • Ben talks about our attitudes coming from friends, family, movies, shows, music, video games and sometimes a life experience jolts us into the reality of race relations in the world. 

  • He shares about his white friend Chris and a conversation they had together. Chris blames all black people during a time where his company gave a promotion to a black woman instead of him, a university accepting a black student instead of his son, and paying welfare taxes that he doesn't agree with. Ben brings light to this conversation and shares his perspective on the matter.

  • Forming our own perspectives and getting perspectives on situations from different people from different backgrounds

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