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  • Josh Meyer

The Carpenter - Week 5 (Chapter 13-16)

This week we learned how to manage the chaos and the runaway trains we feel like we are on at times.

With the chaos in his life coming to a all time high, Michael seeks advice from the carpenter on how to manage life.

We along with Michael explore how love is greater than fear and living a life fearful of the next thing to drop or fearful of something else to happen is the wrong way to approach life.

Living a life of love and pursuing love in all aspects of life will make life more enjoyable and more palatable to pursue. As the Carpenter explains in Chapter 14, The Way is using love as an antidote to fear, busyness and the stress that surrounds us.

Chapter 14 also challenges us to view all aspects of our lives to find the love in all of it. As a group we shared how we deal with coaches and those around us and manage the runaway trains in our lives. Showing the people around us love can keep those runaways at bay by creating a mutual partnership in the train.

As 15 and 16 continue the focus on love in all aspects of relationships is important. As we go on thought this week instead of dreading a meeting or dealing with someone that has had conflict in the past find a way to show the situation/person love and watch the perceived outcome change.

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